Truth Tabernacle of Deliverance, Incorporated was founded on Mother’s Day, May 10, 1980, by the Reverend Haywood Parker. The Church was established in obedience to the will and the call of God, and out of the need to train and establish people in His Unadulterated Word. As the founding members heard God speak, they began to search the city for an appropriate place in which to praise God’s Name. Deacon William Gaynor was very instrumental in helping to find the first location, which was at 136 Howard Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

The first service for Truth Tabernacle was held on Mother’s Day in 1980, at 136 Howard Street. The building which still stands next to the Evening Telegram office was a blessing to the founder and 15 followers. Though it was only a storefront approximately the size of one section of pews in our present location, this place of humble beginnings was truly a blessing from the Lord. It served a vital purpose in the making of the people of this local congregation.

In the year of 1983, Truth Tabernacle purchased a site located at 841 Pender Street from the Rev. Pauline Herring. At that time, the membership included about 30 people, and the new purchase was quite a step of faith for the ministry, One by one, God began to send in key people who were instrumental in giving the ministry its present direction. God raised Truth from a family-orientated church to a people church. From that transition, the proximity of our membership expanded to include surrounding cities in the area.

After the move to Pender Street, numerous ministries were formulated to further equip the members for what God was doing. One of the greatest assets to the ministry has been the tremendous outpouring of The Spirit experienced in our Praise and Worship Hour. The precious moments that we spend Rejoicing in the Lord have become special times in which we yield ourselves to God – and let Him have His Way!!

Among the most noted achievements from the Pender Street location were theatrical productions. “Greater Is He,” which was a dinner play held at the Sheraton Hotel, was an inspiring work that brought in an audience of 250 people. Also, the smashing hit play, “Through the Eyes of Blackness” was held at Rocky Mount Sr. High School, and totally captivated over 800 people as they reflected on the plight of the black man from Africa to the present.

Our growth further resulted in the formation of a daily Radio Broadcast, through which unknown numbers are reached for the cause of Christ. Our years of survival have been highly contingent upon the Intercessory Prayers of our Mothers of the Church. This group of mothers, along with others, meet each Monday evening at the church for a time of corporate prayer.

During our stages of growth, we found that the Pender Street location became inadequate to house the wide opportunities of ministry that God had entrusted to us. It was through prayer that we ascertained the mind of God in locating a larger facility to better serve the now expanding ministry. When it became clear that Arlington Street would be the place the church would pursue, we began working diligently on fund-raising projects that would bring forth the monies needed to purchase the building. Together, we experienced the Hand of God as He brought unity to the ministry and superseded our expectations in obtaining the building.

Therefore, as we reflect on the rich history of our ministry, we can pridefully and joyfully conclude that we have attained our vision through Truth. It has been through the freedom discovered in The Word, and the Power experienced in Obedience to God, that we now enjoy a ministry offering opportunities for all. Our utmost prayer is that we remain submissive to the Will of God, in order that we might accomplish our future goals, and keep our minds stayed on an ever-increasing vision that will serve to uplift the Name of Jesus Christ- The Son of the Almighty God!!